Bella’s Journey

Meet Bella… The Bravest, Sassiest 5 year old, and the reason behind all of our fundraising efforts.

In September 2020, at just 4 years old, and after what seemed like a lifetime of trying to get to the bottom of Bella’s gradually increasing symptoms, Bella was devestatingly diagnosed with a 7.5cm Brain Tumour, and sent immediately by ambulance to Great Ormond Street Hospital.

From the moment she arrived, the care Bella received was unparalleled. She was treated so quickly and efficiently, and within days underwent a long day of surgery with the incredible Dr. Jeelani, who removed the entire tumour.

Throughout Bella’s stay on Koala Ward, and also her ongoing care, the huge team of Doctors/ Nurses and especially the Play team, have helped make the most difficult time, that bit easier. Through all of the trauma, Bella has fond memories of her time at GOSH, which is testiment to each and every one of the staff she encountered.

Recovery for Bella was tough, and to this day she is still recovering, but thanks to the fantastic team at GOSH, she can now be a happy, 5 year old girl, just like any other.